Restrict the visibility of customer data!


The data of our customers should be extremly important to us. Therefore, not more people than necessary should have access to them. If you, for example, have freelancers working for you and they shall only see the data of certain customers, this addon can help you.


TaggedCustomerUser is an ideal addon for Znuny for all companies which do not want to give all agents access to all customers. You can give, for example subcontractors, access to only the customer data that is important for the subcontractor.

You can allot as many tags to customers as you need to control the access optimally.

The access on the agent side is controlled via roles. Example: You can create the role "project member SoftwareX", allot the tag "SoftwareX" to customer C and give the freelancers the role "project member SoftwareX". From then on, the freelancers have access to only customer C. All other customers remain hidden.


Versions: Znuny 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x

Price: 1.500,00€ / 1.785,00€ (netto/brutto)