Overview of your customers' ConfigItems


In order to help customers more quickly you need as much important information as possible with one glance. But which ConfigItems belong to a customer?


It is useful when you can already see in the ticket view which ConfigItems belong to the customer of the ticket. In case of a device error, this helps to find the right device quicker.

Anzeige des Inventars in der Ticketansicht
Inventory display in the ticket view.

You can get a confirmation that the customer actually has the inventory with this module: The customer can see all the ConfigItems assigned to him in an overview in the customer portal. Via a "confirmation" button, a new ticket is created in which the customer confirmes this assignment.

Übersicht des Inventars im Kundenportal
Overviews of the inventory in the customer portal

Besitz des Inventars bestätigen
Confirming ownership of the inventory

The columns of the overview can be freely adjusted via SysConfig.

The module is great in combination with CustomerCIInfo. With it, a link to the inventory of the customer can be made during the ticket creation.


Versions: Znuny 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x

Price: 500,00€ / 595,00€ (netto/brutto)