Ticket attachments – managing, searching, reusing


Where, in the ticket, was the excel data? How can I download the attachments of this article all at once? How can I attach previous attachments to a mail while forwarding? These questions have one answer: TicketAttachments.


Attention, new Version: 3.3.6 with new feature Feature

With TicketAttachment, you have the attachments of your tickets under better control: Another widget, in which all ticket attachments are listed, is displayed in the ticket view – no annoying searching in individual articles.

Anzeige der Anhänge in der Ticketansicht
Attachment displayed in the ticket view

Furthermore, it is possible to search for ticket attachments with file names...

Ergebnisse der Anhang-Suche
Results of attachment search

... and while replying and forwarding tickets, you can access attachments of the ticket faster. With only one click, you have attached an attachment from a different article of the ticket to your reply.

Schnelle Wiederverwendung von Ticketanhängen
Fast reusage of ticket attachments

This module also works with installed additional modules as long as the basic structure of AgentTicketZoom survived. We will check if the module is applicable to you (the module works problem-free with installed OTRS-ITSM-packets).

  The possibility of deleting attachments with Cronjob/ GenericAgent was added in version 3.3.6. You can delete all attachments of a ticket with GenericAgent. You can use the known ticket filters, deleting, for example, attachments of all tickets which are in a Queue Misc or which have been completed for over a year.

With the new attachment jobs, you can filter attachments you want to delete even more precisely. It is now possible, for example, to delete all files from a certain size. This can be limited to tickets of a certain queue or with a certain status.

Short function overview:

  • additional widget in the ticket view with a list of all attachments
  • possibility of downloading all attachments of a ticket or grouped by article
  • renaming and/or deleting attachments
  • searching for attachments
  • own "action"-plugins to extend the list
  • attachments can be quickly and easily reused for forwarding and replying
  • hiding files in a list (global by file name)
  • creating cronjobs to delete files (files you want to delete can be filtered by size, file name extension, ticket status, etc.)
  • optional hiding of double entries (based on file name and size)
  • fast and easy usage of attachments for new tickets
  • additional parameter for ticket search: "ticket has attachments"
  • optional deleting of double entries (based on file name and size)
  • various ticket searches: "tickets with same attachments", "tickets with certain file", ...

Documentation: PDF


Versions: Znuny 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x

Price: 500,00€ / 595,00€ (netto/brutto)