Task lists directly at the ticket


During the use of a ticket, there can be several tasks which are not supposed to be listed in different tickets. In that case the TicketChecklist is useful.


Never forget the tasks of a ticket again! If a ticket has many articles and the tasks are being discussed over and over again, the risk of forgetting something becomes reasonable.

It is not always convenient to create a new ticket for every task. For example, if only a small subtask is being discussed.

With this add-one, you can create to-do lists/checklists for your tickets. For this there is a menu item "checklist" in the ticket menu.

Über das Ticketmenü kommt man zur Checkliste use the ticket menu to access the checklist

The checklist can be managed in the dialog:

  • adding/deleting entries
  • determine a person responsible
  • setting a target date
  • setting a status
  • changing order of tasks
  • setting priorities for tasks

Checkliste Verwalten
adminster checklist

If such a checklist exists, it will be displayed in the ticket view:

Checkliste in der Ticketansicht
checklist in the ticket view

As ticket owner it is furthermore possible to be notified when the status of a task changes.

A mail will be sent to the person in charge when the target date is reached (or almost reached).

To gain a quick overview of own tasks, two filters can be used:

  • tasks with own responsibility
  • own tickets (ownership) with checklists

Brief overview on the functionalities

  • checklists for tickets with description, due date, responsible person, status
  • dashboard for overview on own tasks
  • dashboard widget with all own tasks
  • templates for checklists
    → checklists which occur time and again can be created more easily
  • event module
    → automatic set up of checklists during ticket creation
  • entries in ticket history
    → checklist traceability


Versions: Znuny 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x

Price: 1.000,00€ / 1.190,00€ (netto/brutto)