Record your worked time directly on the ticket.


Issuing Case-related bills according to time is often difficult because one has to use several tools. And sometimes one forgets when he/she worked on which case. This will not happen anymore with TimeTracking.


TimeTracking gives you an additional box with which you can start the time tracking. You can record what you did in this time by writing a comment instead of single notes for every small task.

To ensure that your customers pay for all and only actual work done, you can customize it so your agents can only answer to a ticket if they started the time tracking.

All time trackings can be looked at in a calender. Your employees can always check when they worked on what.

To generate an overview for the billing with customers, you can create a CSV, PDF or Excel-file via the evaluation (statistic).

Do you need this feature for workorders, too? Then look at TimeTrackingWorkorder.


Versions: Znuny 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x

Price: 1.750,00€ / 2.082,50€ (netto/brutto)