Notifications for ConfigItems


You have a well-maintained CMDB with all data. Now you can be notified when an important day comes. You can also regularly send yourself tickets with this. Never miss the moment for a license renewal or when a warranty expires.


Licenses for the important software, regular updates for installed servers, expiration of warranties for important components. These and other relevant data are saved in the CMDB. Until now, it was necessary to set a reminder in a different tool so license renewals and periodic updates were not forgotten.

Beispiel-ConfigItem: Eine Software, für die Lizenzen benötigt werden
Example for a ConfigItem: A software which requires a license.

With this module, you can remind yourself before these events that something important is coming up. You can set a notification for every ConfigItem class in the admin area.

Alle CI-Klassen
Set a notification for a CI class.

Stammdaten der Benachrichtigung
Basic data for the notification.

You can choose how often notifications should be sent by setting a mail frequency. This way it is sufficient to send notifications for regular updates at the beginning of each month, reminders for buying licenses could possibly be necessary more often.

You can easily control to which date the notifications relates via the "event".

Eine Benachrichtigung wird ausgelöst, wenn die Lizenz innerhalb der nächsten 3 Monate ausläuft.
A notification is sent when the license expires in the next three months.

The text is freely selectable.

Der Text der Benachrichtigung
The notification text.

ConfigItem classes, fields for the "event" and fields for "recipient groups" are always selected dynamically from the CMDB and the definitions.

Mögliche Empfänger der Benachrichtigung.
The "owner" is a field in the ConfigItem.


Versions: ((OTRS)) Community Edition3.3.x, 4.0.x, 5.0.x, 6.0.x

Price: 1.250,00€ / 1.487,50€ (netto/brutto)