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Your external employees are not supposed to see every piece of internal information? Your works committee wants to save information to a ticket but other agents should not be able to see it?

Where, in the ticket, was the excel data? How can I download the attachments of this article all at once? How can I attach previous attachments to a mail while forwarding? These questions have one answer: TicketAttachments.

During the use of a ticket, there can be several tasks which are not supposed to be listed in different tickets. In that case the TicketChecklist is useful.

Which agent has how many tickets allocated to him and which statuses do they have? This question can be answered reliably and within only a few seconds with the help of this addon. And even more: You can export the result fast and easily into an Excel chart and use it for further analyses.

Being reachable by SMS is often more likely than by e-mail, especially during vacations and while being on stand-by.

The same pop-ups appear over and over again, forcing you to enter everything again, wasting too much time. Simply use a template to create a ticket.